At Expresco, our ethos drives us to provide healthy, delicious, and well-made products with varied flavour profiles. Our product range includes skewers, strips, wings, and more.

Whether you're planning to invite your friends over for a BBQ or hosting a family gathering, our cooked meats are the perfect way to cut down the meal prep time and focus more on having fun with the family.

We bet your buddies will be asking about the cooked meats used in BBQs and other recipes.

If you're in a rush every morning, brainstorming lunch ideas for your kids' school, our cooked meats are just what you need. Toss some wings in the oven or put the good old microwave to work — your options are endless.

Order your cooked meat supply for the whole week or month and get free delivery for orders above $75.


For years, we have remained true to our raison d'être of offering the best taste with a keen focus on health. Our meat processing and cooking methods are free of harmful additives or flavoring agents from start to finish.

Here are some properties that make our cooked meats the best you can get in the Montreal, QC, region:

  • Our products are gluten-free
  • We are strictly against the use of preservatives in processed foods. Our cooked meats are free of hazardous preservatives.
  • Our meat products are a rich source of protein. Since the meats go through minimal processing steps, they retain maximum nutritional value.
  • Irrespective of the product we create, we never compromise on flavor. We have perfected the recipe after years of expertise and experimenting with flavors. Every bite offers a flavorsome taste that will have you asking for more.

Quick Preparation Time

If you ask us: why are cooked meats used, our answer would be to save time. That's precisely what we have accomplished with our products. Our meats are heat and eat, which means the meal prep time is only a fraction of what you usually spend on preparing a feast for your family.

Even better, you can cook our products on the stove, microwave, and even the grill. If you're in the mood for a BBQ, sear the skewers on the grill.

But if you'd rather cook in your kitchen while catching your favorite show on TV, our products can be cooked in minutes in the oven. For ultimate cooking ease, our cooked meats are also microwaveable.

Since our meats have an almost-instant prep time, you can take them out and prepare a delicious meal for a large gathering in no time. Our meat products have graced many dinner tables and BBQ hangouts over the years. It's time they find their way to your table too.

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